Saturday, August 27, 2016

capri blue volcano aka BEST CANDLE EVER!

 I am so glad that I am finally blogging about this. This is the BEST candle on the face of the earth ever created! There is no better way to describe it! It is just totally awesome!! 
This candle is found at a few different stores, so I guarantee you can get it! And you NEED to!
It will not disappoint.
I have been burning this candle forever- okay well not really, but seriously I burn this candle almost every single day and it smells amazingly delicious every single time. I just wish I could eat it or something. Hahaha.
The Capri Blue Volcano candle is to die for!
There are so many positive ways I can describe the juicy scent of this candle- its tropical, fresh, clean, sweet, etc.! the list could go on forever. The wax of this candle is so different from the average candle. It is waxy. A firm waxy. When you burn it for hours, it wont turn into a watered down liquid; it stays almost in the form of the solid wax! Okay.. that just means there is more wax to burn, to last longer!
I promise you, man or women, you will love this candle.
I can remember when I first brought it home, I burned this candle instantly. I guarantee you within the first 5 minutes of the flame melting that wax, my dad came in my room and took my candle!! Whoa dad!! Not cool, right?! He takes it every so often, as if he thinks I don't notice.
This candle is at an affordable price you just cant pass up- especially for the outstanding quality!

I love all of you who look at my posts often!
You mean the world to me.

Have a fabulous day and go out and purchase this amazing Volcano candle!
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<<volcano candle- Francesca's or Anthropologie>>

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  1. Love reading this Marley! Thanks for the super kind words, you rock!
    Capri Blue Marketing Team