Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Day one consisted of exploring Zürich! Downtown, Old Town, and new town! (kidding but really just all of the city) 
I absolutely loved Switzerland. The cobblestone streets, the chocolate smell every step you take, and the Swiss German that is impossible to read and understand, but it was beautiful! The shopping was so elegant and everything here is incredibly expensive. I thought people were joking when they said Switzerland is known to be an expensive country- they weren't kidding. Each meal was around £30, and it was for meals that would be around $8 in the US. It was crazy! But hey, so worth it! 
On day 1, we were able to explore all of Zürich in the pouring rain. After going through countless shops and walking many miles, we made it to lake Zürich. It was so pretty and had a lovely view, however we could barely see it with all of the fog and rain and clouds. This city is surrounded by gorgeous green hills and mountains. After all of our adventuring in the freezing cold, we made it back to where we were staying. I'm so grateful to have an aunt who actually lives in Zürich and welcomed us to stay with her! It saved us a ton of money and was way more fun spending time with family while traveling! 
Day 2 was a great day of catching up on sleep. I think Sophia and I slept for a solid 12 hours. All of the jet lag of traveling for almost a month now is finally catching up to us. After finally getting ready, we made our way to Lake Lucerne. WOW- this city is absolutely beautiful. It was so historic and each building is detailed so picturesque! The building colors are vibrant, the water is blue, and the castles are huge! We walked along the boardwalk snapping several pictures of the beautiful scenery and absorbing it all in. We walked around and were totally tourist with my family. Then we had a proper Italian lunch that consisted of several pizzas and pastas that were so yummy and overpriced! LOL! After digesting the best pizza I've ever had, we continued to walk around the lake and through the city of Lucerne. The lake was so pretty, and we had a much better view of the Alps today. However, I think I experienced the worst rain storm I've ever been in. The umbrellas were breaking and our hoods were flying off of our head and the rain was just pouring down so hard! But even with all of that, the sky still somehow managed to stay slightly clear enough for us to see into the distance. We found some really tasty gelato too along our walk through the town! After exhausting ourselves out, we made our way back to the train station to go back to Zürich. 
Day 3 we really had a relaxing day and were lucky enough to find a LDS chapel only 8 minutes away from where we were staying. My aunt gave us a lift to and from church so we could go- #blessed. It was such a great experience to go to church in Switzerland and see people bear testimony of the gospel in Swiss German. This language is super tricky and I am pretty sure I never understood a word of what people were saying, but same spirit though! It was a great time and I'm pretty sure Sophia and I convinced the missionaries that were serving there to come to BYU when they are done with their missions. They seemed thrilled about it! After church, we had a relaxing day and just caught up on sleep, ate delicious home-made food, and planned the rest of our stay.
Last day, oh so sad. For our final day, we went to Gruyeres, Switzerland and were able to go to a fancy shmancy chocolate factory and eat the best chocolate ever on the best chocolate tour ever! It was so delicious I cant even explain, and at the end of the tour we were able to eat as much chocolate as we wanted! YUM! After the tour, we went and took pictures in the cutest flower field right near the alps and it was gorgeous. Following the field, we went to the Castle of Gruyere and were able to take incredible shots of the Swiss Alps and see a historic, medieval castle. Overall, we had a great day and were able to really enjoy the Swiss experience.

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  1. Great Pics Marley, hadn't noticed these posts before, glad Sophia and you are having a wonderful time together... The village pic reminded me of a scene from the film - 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' in the town square, such stunning scenes of character, it's a cultural experience, enjoy :-)