Monday, May 2, 2016

Day 1 in England

Wow today has been the greatest day already. Despite the fact that our ten hour flight to London was delayed five hours, I'm so glad I had the extra time with some friends in Utah. We were getting so impatient though! Once we started boarding the plane, we noticed how empty the flight was. After that seatbelt light turned off, Sophia and I searched for two empty rows to have all to ourselves and we just sprawled out and went to sleep. The difference between us two is that sophia stayed dead asleep until about 45 minutes before our plane landed- ALMOST 10 hours she was asleep!!! I was highly impressed and slightly jealous that I was only able to stay asleep for about five hours. But I was able to watch the prettiest sunrise over the ocean so I'm not complaining. Once we landed, it was apparent that I wasn't English. The first guy I spoke to asked me close to a million questions that I hardly knew the answers to. "You have never left the US before have you?" He said--- well yeah I have but I think the UK is just a little different than Mexico and Canada don't you think? 
My "holiday" here is already so fun. Immediately after finding our luggage and loading up the car, we headed to Wadford to meet Sister Fitts (a sister missionary dating one of my friends from home) and it was the cutest surprise ever. She was so happy to see us with Sophia's family and a bouquet of flowers from my friend. Following that, we returned home to Chelmsford and got ready for the evening. This time change is so drastic from Utah! To think we got on the plane at midnight, and landed in London at 6 pm... We lost a whole day! After the sweetest family scripture study and prayer, we stuffed our faces with pizza and English chocolate. This is already the best trip ever. Now off to bed because I start working at the hospital in the morning! YAY I LOVE LIFE. 

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  1. Persuasive is all that is in this blog and Astonishing and absolutely charming!