Friday, February 12, 2016

shaggy vest & valentines day ideas.

Girls... Its Valentines Day weekend! That is so fun right?
Wrong- it can be stressful trying to think of gifts to get your sweet valentine.
I have been giving this topic a lot of deep thought.
It truly isn't about the gifts exchanged on this day, it is purely about being with you guy or girl and enjoying each others company. I value deep conversations, spontaneous nights, and quality time with people much more than lavish gifts that someday I will eventually forget about.
Alright, some of you probably can agree and maybe some of you disagree.
It feels so natural to exchange gifts for holidays like this, which is all apart of the fun of celebrating.
In my personal opinion, the best gifts are gifts that you can do together, things that will create an experience for you two so you can create more memories together; and of course the best things are thoughtful gifts that you know they were paying attention to the little things in your relationship.
Now, I have to remember that I am a poor college student, so my view on gifts would probably be much different if I had the mulalalahh to spend.

Some ideas for this could be prepaid games for bowling, a movie night, concert tickets, playing at an arcade, rock climbing, etc. - these would be fun things to create an experience. You could always throw in a gift card so you two can grab a meal together at his favorite place! Thats thoughtful, creates an experience, and good food is never a bad thing.
I hope this helps generate some ideas for things to do with your Valentine this weekend!
Good luck.

Love always


<<outfit details>>
top- h&m
vest- h&m
shoes- charlotte russe, (similar)
bracelets- alex and ani 

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