Sunday, February 21, 2016

floral daydream.

hello hello!
i hope you are all having as good of a day as i am!
sundays are my all time favorite day of the weeks for several reasons:
1. i get to sleep in
2. i get to spend the day with my amazing roommates
3. i eat the best dinners on sunday's
4. i get to go to church
5. i have no school- which means lots of relaxing time

as i look at the things that make my sunday's so great, i remember that the most important thing about the sabbath day is remembering my Savior. i would not be able to enjoy all the blessings in my life without the most important blessing in my life, and thats the Savior.
honestly, the best thing that i have been able to appreciate lately is knowing that no matter what trials i may experience, He has experienced all of the same trials and same feelings that i do. 
we are truly never alone. that is the coolest thing ever to me!
i hope that everyone can agree with this too.

for this dress... it is to die for!! i absolutely love it! it is perfect for my wardrobe. 
this floral daydream dress is so elegant and effortless. it is perfect for a date, dinner, or church. the colors and detail on this dress have me thrilled for spring. i just hope it comes a little bit faster!
everyone go check out Roolee Boutique- they have the cutest clothes and I am so excited for this opportunity I have had to collaborate with them and wear this darling dress!

<<outfit details>>
dress- c/o roolee boutiqe
necklace- soel boutique
had- c/o harper trends
shoes- shop stevie

photocreds: martha keyes



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