Monday, February 1, 2016

everyday stripped dress.

currently listening to adele and contemplating if I should continue to study or just watch the bachelor. what a struggle am I right? SOS.
this week is going to be the second most stressful week that I encounter in the next few months. I have 4 midterm exams this week!!! how exciting!!! 
honestly I don't know how I am going to do it.
Its kind of scary knowing that I am actually taking tests that determine if I get into the nursing program I want to. that is a lot of pressure! but hey, I can do hard things.
its days like this where I feel like I should be more stressed than I am, but I totally rely on the Lord to get me through these things. I think that is why I feel at peace and not completely overwhelmed.
although, I am definitely overwhelmed!
literally laughing at how pathetic this is, but crying at how pathetic this is.
its cool guys.

ANYWAYS, enough about my stressful life; let's talk about this outfit!
I love love love this dress. It is from my favorite boutique here in Provo. The material is SO soft and smooth on my skin. It honestly feels like pajamas, its the greatest dress ever. 
My light coat I am wearing is perfect to throw for a casual look.
I don't recommend wearing little booties like this if you are going to be walking around in the snow like I am! I can't count how many times I've kicked snow in my boots. Not fun!!
Everyone check out Called to Surf- literally this is my all time favorite shop!

Thanks for reading!
Happy February 1st y'all.



<<outfit details>>
dress- called to surf
jacket- francesca's
shoes- steve madden
braceletes- alex and ani
photocreds- hannah fine 
she is the best photographer ever!

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  1. Yessss, Called to Surf is my life! Love that store. Also that is awesome that you want to do nursing! I just completed my LPN and am applying to an RN bridge program this fall :) good luck to you in all your nursing school endeavors! It is such a rewarding career.