Tuesday, February 16, 2016

daily denim.

hey y'all!!
i hope everyone is having an awesome day and enjoyed having the day off for presidents day yesterday! i know i sure did! now back to reality right? its always hard for me to get back into the swing of things after having a break. my motivation to do school work just flies right out the window every time we get a break! but hey, I'm not complaining- i needed a three day weekend badly! what are some ways you get back into routine? i could use all the advice i can get!
oh man, today it was so nice outside! i really enjoyed not having to wear a coat on campus walking around today. for the first time since October i actually said it was warm outside. that was something i haven't said in a while now! wow did it feel good. I'm missing the Vegas heat but Utah still impresses me everyday with all of the gorgeous landscape!
have a great day everyone and thanks for reading todays post!
i love you all!



photocreds: hannah fine photography (she ROCKS!!)
<<outfit details>>
pants- h&m
shoes- target
braceletes- alex and ani
lipstick- milani

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