Sunday, January 3, 2016

deals on deals.

hey y'all!
this outfit is a go to outfit of mine lately that looks way cute but surprisingly was incredibly affordable!
perks to my deals- i scoped out these items for days and then waited for online deals to pop up and snatched them asap!
this floppy hat is from Nordstrom... sounds pricey already huh? i got it for less than $10 with tax!!! talk about a deal!! unfortunately the price has gone up a few dollars since i purchased it but it is still a killer deal. this hat is great quality and rocks every outfit this winter season.
this sweater.... $4.99 black friday deal from H&M. now am i right or am i right? this look just gets better.
the shoes, i saw these classic duck shoes everywhere in provo. every boutique was carrying them for $45 or more... normal for a pair of boots.
Target started carrying them and had a 40% shoes deal happening online, i snatched those babies up faster than i ever thought i could.
pants, same deal. i got these pants from Forever 21 with a solid discount. now, forever 21 is already a great deal without any discounts so you really cant go wrong!
i encourage online shopping for everyone.
scope out your favorite stores and keep an eye on some products you have been looking for specifically. it makes shopping much easier, and when those deals pop up you are ready to add those items you really want to your cart.
good luck getting great deals!
its fun once you find them.



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