Thursday, December 24, 2015

fringe and unspoken words.

how's it going everybody?
my life is going so well right now!
today i wanted to take a moment and share some personal thoughts that i have had and hopefully that will help at least one person who reads this. 
okay, i am not the best at relationships by no means, but i will try to cope as best as i can to get across my thoughts.
i've never ever been someone to "go with the flow". i am a very punctual person and i like being able to plan for the future. i like knowing the outcome of situations. and lately, i have been challenged with this. when life gives you trials, you have to put your trust in the Lord and seek guidance. i really don't know where i would even be in life without His help. He gives the best advice. so with these trials i face of not knowing the future and wanting to predict the outcome of every move i make, i need to take a step back and realize that this is all apart of His plan. This is meant to happen for a reason, and i will get through it. 
i haven't had heartache in a long while, thank goodness, but right now, i do. i'm so conflicted and torn because i cannot predict my future. i do not know what is going to happen. 
i have met someone who makes me "go with the flow", and it is a foreign feeling to me. 
but i like it. i like that i'm being challenged in a way i never have before.
i don't know the outcome of what will happen, or what even tomorrow brings, but i know i am enjoying the moment while ultimately testing my patience! i really don't know if i gave any advice in this post at all, but the best thing i could say to take from this is rely on the Lord, rely on Him to help you through challenging times where you just don't know what to do or what to say, He will help. 
I promise.

I love you all, & the support I receive from blogging.



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