Thursday, September 24, 2015

first month freshie.


at sundance with James


rachel and roomie grace

Y hike at night

the stairs i walk up and down everyday :-)


run to the temple

provo lds temple

sunday with syd

in the back of the bleachers at the football game

on the field after the first home game

first home game

football stadium

BYU vs Boise

bridal veil falls

the falls

shes a goddess

SLC swaggin'

campfire with syd

hiked the Y with Sam

the view from the Y

kaskade concert

in-n-out polaroid

first day of school

vegas friends

soccer game crew

womens soccer game with sydney and rachel

new student orientation

first meal together as roommates 

And let me just say in one word, its GREAT!
Everything about college, specifically BYU is awesome.
I love all of the friends that I am making!
I love all of my classes, even the extremely hard ones *cough cough physics* but I know it will be worth it!
I love getting 6 hours of sleep because I'm hanging out with my friends all night.
I love doing homework for 45 hours a week. Just kidding- that totally sucks.
On top of all the fun, my diet has significantly changed. I managed to spend $70 on groceries for the entire month- I live off of frozen waffles and salads everyday, no joke.
But seriously, college is great.
Thanks to my best friend Sydney for making all these memories with me- not a day has gone by without us being with each other.
Utah has awesome scenery, as you can see.
We have been taking serious advantage of the many hikes and trails here, and venturing off the paths.
The trees here.... WOW. This is nothing like Vegas, and I'm totally in love with it.
Cheers to the next 4 years in this beautiful city with these beautiful people.
I love you BYU!



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