Sunday, August 2, 2015

laundromat with desi.

i love desi
i love desi
i love desi!!!!

but really she is amazing.
i always have so much fun with that cute girl and our mutual love for blogging and photo taking is always a plus!! she is the best!!
desi is leaving on her mission to NJ on August 19 and im super sad about it, but i am way excited for her! send love her way!
so for all of you who are like, "who is this random girl marley is hanging with?"
well funny story; desi has a boyfriend, keian malinga, and he is currently serving in the same mission as Chandler! they are like best friends out there in El Sal. 
we are so lucky to live so close to each other.
im so grateful for her in my life and our cute missionaries! 
thanks for an awesome weekend des!

i love ya sista!

(heres the boys)

gotta love missionaries.



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  1. Love the laundromat photo shoot, so cute! And awesome that you both have missionaries in the same place, how fun.