Saturday, May 23, 2015


Saturday’s truly are my favorite day of the week.
I can wake up whenever I want.
I have all day to do as I please.
Isn’t that the greatest feeling ever, to have the freedom to go at your own speed?

This morning consisted of cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning.
So much fun, right?
Well I enjoyed it; and as I was cleaning, I recognized some miniscule tasks I had been putting off.
For example, I had a huge moving box in my room just filled with stuff I have been procrastinating going through. Now I can see my floor in a corner I haven’t seen in about two months.

Oh, and making my bed has been a chore lately.
Why should I make my bed if I am just going to mess it up again?
This is the thought I have daily and think, hmmm “I’ll pass.”

A clean room, today, reflects how I feel.
Clean, fresh, and organized.
My life is in check and I’m feeling as if I never was a “mess”.

Through my productive morning of organization,
I got out some cards and wrote my favorite missionaries.
Boy, do I miss them. They are doing such good work.
Check out my video here!

I organized my stationary so that writing all my friends would be fun for us both; I know they look forward to getting some real mail, and I want the same in return! I’m going to make it more of a priority to send those letters back to these Elders.
PS loving this tin I am organizing my stationary in—I scored this at an antique store in Chicago!

Anyways, moral of this post: stay clean and organized so my life doesn’t become as messy as my room.



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