Tuesday, April 21, 2015

peppy pep-lum.

<< 'C' for Chandler. >>

I love peplum.
I love mint blue.
I love this top.
& I love that it was so darn cheap!
(and it came in other colors!!!)
*ice ice baby*

What is life?
Ha- I've asked Siri so many times I couldn't count on my hands and toes; but really, what is it, and the purpose of it?

I, as well as everyone on this earth, have experienced trials. 
And sometimes those trials make you question everything.
That can get pretty deep, right?

Sometimes I just want to give up and quit.
Sometimes I want to do nothing.
But then sometimes, the times I am feeling pretty good about life, 
I feel invincible. 

It's those times, the times of triumphant, that we always have to remember and keep those feelings close to us, because when we have those questionable days, we can rely on past emotions. 

I know without my free agency to make decisions on my own, and make mistakes, and have trials, I wouldn't appreciate the good times like I do. 

Life is so good. 

Love life. 

Love your life. 



<<outfit details>>
Bottoms- Böhme
Shoes- hm
Necklaces- forever 21 & Francesca's
Bracelets- Alex and Ani

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