Monday, March 2, 2015

neon nike in chicago.

Hey babes.
So as I ventured out in the three degree weather to take these pictures, let me just say, it wasn't as fun as it may look. I was so done with that weather- I couldn't handle being numb all the time! It was to the point that my skin would burn because I was so cold. So basically, we shot these pictures in approximately 6 minutes... because we just could not bare a second longer out in the glacial cold.
Although the cold was unfortunate, the trip was still amazing because I was able to spend every second with my cute boyfriend.

I am a firm believer that I will have a more efficient work out if I look my best in my favorite gear, which I totally testify to be true. I promise you will feel better when you are at the gym, rocking your brand new gear, than you would in your go-to tee and leggings! I vow to you that you will feel energized and confident after working your tail off, then looking in the mirror to see you still look cute while sweating buckets!

My favorite work out to do lately is simple. I usually don't have much time to exercise in my busy day, so I squeeze in what I have time for. I love cardio with all my heart. I could literally stay on the treadmill forever- someday I will, I just need more time! So I run for the majority of my time to get my heart rate up and really burn off those calories! Next, I focus on one area of my body I want to tone, and do exercise specific to those needs!

I feel so much better after any workout. Releasing those toxins feel so good, and it is such a stress reliever at the same time!

I hope you all have an amazing week and motivate yourself to hit the gym or run around the neighborhood- your mood will instantly change!

I love you all!



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jacket- nike 
leggings- nike
shoes- nike

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