Friday, February 13, 2015

I don't need a valentine... I need Valentino.

TRUE THAT. Who needs a Valentine when you can have Valentino?
When I saw this shirt I just laughed and said, "I totally have to have it!" I love my knock-off Valentino pumps, but someday I will get a real pair! And I cant wait for that day to come! Valentino shoes are to die for- drop dead gorgeous- stunning- just wow, magical.
The best part about this outfit is that it is so casual! Like really.. Its just a graphic tee and jeans, add some heels, and wal-ah! It just works. I love outfits like that, they are so simple, but dressy at the same time. 
Ripped jeans are totally my thing lately. I find myself pairing this pair of denim with almost everything in my closet. I especially love it with casual tees or a flannel. Seriously such a simple look! 
Happy Valentines Day weekend! 
I hope all you ladies go out on a spicy date with a fello man or have a G.N.O! 
Have fun!!

<<outfit details>>
top- windsor
jeans- h&m
heels- urbanog
purse- windsor



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