Monday, February 16, 2015

cozy in chicago.

Okay so I just discovered the magical use of Photoshop and I'm in love. Alright. 
So, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I was in the Windy City for the past few days, and it was a wonderful trip! Basically anytime I have the opportunity to see my boyfriend, Chandler, is a great time! And thank you to his amazing family for welcoming my stay as usual, you guys are the best!

Day 1:
To my advantage, one of my close friends traveled with me to visit Chan and his family and I'm so glad he came- he is absolutely hilarious! The plane ride was smooth and went by so fast with the many laughs we shared throughout the flight, as well as conversing with the lady next to us made it very memorable! She was a crack up- it was great! Once our plane landed about 3 o'clock pm Chicago time, we made our way back to the house and settled in. Later that night, the Gifford family treated us to Portillos... OMG so good I cant even explain. It was so bomb! After our delicious dinner, we made our way back to the cushions of the living room and relaxed ourselves in the enjoyment of some classic movies and TV shows for hours. 

Day 2: 
Okay, so the best part about trips are waking up leisurely whenever you want, and that is exactly what we did, which was great! On this day, it was probably a high of 13 degrees if I can remember correctly, and the with this being the famous windy city, it felt like it was -25, which I'm pretty sure it was! It was freezing- I though my fingers and toes were going to freeze off. We took our time getting ready, then halfway through the day, Chandler and Nick headed over to the neighborhood gym to play some basketball while I headed to an antique shop with his mom! This store was so adorable, I wanted to buy everything in there, but sadly, I couldn't, but I did buy one thing! And I currently have fresh flowers in this jug, it is so cute! (It was $5!!!)  To finish off our day, our cute Thornton family friends met up with us and we went out for butter burgers and shakes at Culvers. I had the best concrete shake in the world. No joke, if you get the chance to go there.. do it!!

Day 3:
This day was by far the best day ever, and I'm so grateful for Chandlers family for bearing the negative weather. We went into the city and saw the chrome bean at Millennium Park and it was all that I had hoped for, I've was looking forward to this day for weeks! We attempted at our best to roam the streets- but it was insane, like I could not feel my legs, I was legit frozen. Haha, but seriously it was a crazy experience, just rushing block to block in and out of stores to keep warm. After realizing we were numb, we made our way to Panera Bread and delighted ourselves to broccoli cheddar soup. In all honesty, any time I get to spend with my handsome man is the best, I would be completely satisfied if I was doing nothing- as long as I am with Chandler. I love him with all my heart, and I'm so glad I got to spend Valentines Day with him in Chicago. 

(outfit details coming soon)

<<outfit details>>
top- forever 21
jeans- h&m
scarf- bohme
boots- sheik
coat- thrift store find



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