Monday, January 26, 2015


Today has been such a good day, there is so much in my life to be happy about! 
I have a home, 2 amazing jobs, a supporting family, and loving friends. I have no reason not to be happy all the time! Lately I have been questioning a lot, nothing specific, just a lot of different questions, in a lot of different areas. In my life, I have experienced things that most girls my age will not have to experience, and that's a good thing! But for me, life-changing moments, and those times of trials, I love. I love challenges. I love knowing that no matter what happens in my life, I will always have my favorite things in life that make me happy, and that no matter what has happened, I can grow as a person, and overcome those times. Its those unplanned moments that expand my character, and make me the girl I am today. 
Taking that leap of faith is challenging- why would anyone want to try to be happy in rough times, when you just want to curl up in a ball and mope about saddening situations? Im not perfect. No one is, but I know that in the times I realize all the things I have in my life to be happy for, those silly little trials mean nothing! Just be happy! And don't let those times get the best of you.

As for this outfit, I LOVE TURTLENECKS. I can remember as a little girl, my dad thrived off of tacky turtlenecks. I dreaded picture days because I knew I was going to be wearing a turtleneck. Well, times have changed, and so have trends, and seeing turtlenecks everywhere really had me excited! I am loving this turtleneck sweater in this combination of black, white, and everything in between. It can be worn so casual with jeans or leggings, but I love throwing on my colored denim to add extra ooomff to any outfit. 
I basically have every color you could imagine in denim form. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink... honestly I could go on forever because I have several pairs of similar shades. Dark, solid sweaters like this are perfect to pair with colored denim because I think it is such a simple way to add more to an outfit without having to layer on tacky jewelry. I love it!
Okay... the shoes. SO CUTE! I scored these shoes, on clearance, and there just so happened to be a 40% OFF clearance promotion going on.. these shoes were a whopping total of $6! Okay, even if they were uncomfortable, it was still worth the $6 to me to get them for one wear. But, they are comfy! I love the style, especially the gold accent all over, that just so happened to match this cross body purse I got for Christmas. 
All in all, this outfit is adorable, and I'm pretty sure I wore this turtleneck three times last week soooo... ya. 
Anyways, love you all!
Thanks for reading.

<<outfit details>>
turtleneck: forever 21 (on sale now!)
purse: forever 21



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