Thursday, January 8, 2015

the best of 2014- hair edition.

Hi ladies!
I'd like to share some of my favorite hair styling products that I have been using in 2014!
These items range in price, but each one works amazing!
I am a firm believer in splurging on hair products! They truly work better in most cases, and really do the job to a T. 

Here are my go-to, everyday, never disappointing, hair product favorites that I used in 2014!

This hairspray is perfect. It holds your look in place, tames all of your fly-a ways, and most of all, it doesn't leave that sticky or crunchy feeling on your hair! 

Always use a heat protectant before you do anything! This product has made the biggest impact on my hair. I use this product every morning when I get ready, and I can noticeably tell that my hair feels and looks healthier after using this product than any others I have used before. I use this product after I use Kenra's Blow Dry Spray if I continue to add heat to my hair.

When I get out of the shower, I spray this all over my hair, from root to ends, and then brush my hair out with a wide tooth comb. This leave-in conditioner makes my hair feel so much softer, and detangles instantly. Not to mention this product smells absolutely amazing!

Enjoy has been a favorite of mine for years now. This particular shampoo and conditioner works miricales. I can literally go days without washing my hair after using this product because of how great it refreshes my scalp and eliminates all of those dirty oils after one wash!

Kenra never disappoints. All of the products in this line work so fabulous! However, it can get particually pricey. This blow dry spray is perfect! I spritz this all over my hair before I put the dryer to it, and I feel way more protected than just an ordinary heat protectant. 

This 2000 Watt hair dryer is the best hair dryer ever, no joke. The power is so efficient, and I am able to dry my whole head of hair in 7-10 minutes! Totally serious. After I blast that heat on high and get every strand dry, I apply the lowest setting and refresh the hair with the cool air. I feel the cool air after all of that heat makes my hair shiny and locks that smelly goodness from my shampoo and conditioner in!

I love love love Hot Tools. I have a curling iron in every size from this brand, and they all work amazing in different ways. Depending on the size and style of curls you are trying to achieve, depends on the size of your curling iron. I find the one inch size the best for me because I can do tight wringlets, wrap my hair around the barrel for a more natural, wavey look, or do a classic barrel curl for a few seconds and get an effortless, feminine curl. No matter what, the curls always come out great, and these curling irons last years with proper care!

Thanks for reading today's post on my 2014 hair styling product favorites!
If you have any requests for any thing I use, or how I use an item, etc, please leave a comment below or email me at
I would love to answer any questions you may have!



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