Thursday, January 15, 2015


LIKE WOW.. NATALIE IS AN AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHER OR WHAT? I'm so glad were working together now, she really captures my looks exactly how I want, shes amazing! 

As for this look, I am obsessing over fur vests! This is another addition to my closet, and not that my other fur vest isn't equally as adorable, but this one has so much more detailing! Look at that leather, and that gold zipper.. honestly making me mushy. The vest makes the outfit! Girls.. go get one! I can think of countless outfits that I can pair my fur vest with and a plus, they are so hot on the market right now, you can find them in almost every clothing store! This look is also a "one stop shop" look! I love when that happens. The clothing at Windsor is so unique and fashion forward, I just love it there. Plaid has always been a favorite of mine, really since the grade school days, and I love that it is so in style lately, and it is a great way to layer, and mix patterns! (I love to mix patterns!!!) and the simple black and white striped dress is such a great way to start a look to mix patterns! Stripes go so well with animal prints, cheetah is my all time favorite, or plaid like I have done here. This dress is also a great investment for summer, the sleeves are short, and it has that black-faux leather similar to the vest! A cotton dress is a must have during the warmer months, they are so easy to wear and accessorize. 
I'm loving this look, and these pieces are out everywhere! Fur, plaid, and stripes is a great combination if your craving an edgy style. Mixing plaid into any outfit can recreate a look by the shades in the flannel! I challenge all of you ladies to try to mix patterns and see if it is for you! I guarentee you will be amazed at how great it will look on you, and your capability to pair different items you usually wouldn't together! Have a lovely week ladies. Thanks for all of your support along my blog journey. And again, a special thanks to Natalie's amazing photography skills!



<<outfit details>>
dress- Windsor (not online)
plaid flannel- Windsor
fur vest- Windsor
booties- Steve Madden
socks- Forever 21

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  1. I'm so obsessed with your blog! & you have such an amazing style! <3