Saturday, January 10, 2015

jewels with a pop of neon.

Hello everyone! I hope you are all readjusting to the real world after the holiday excitment, because I know I'm not! I just don't want to let go of that fun anticipation to wake up on Christmas morning- I guess it will come again in eleven months! 
Okay, so basically when I saw this dress on the racks.. I fell in love!
The jewels are so elegant for spring, and they just add an extra ommff to a simple, black dress. I pulled out some of the tones in the jewels and made them pop with accessories.
This blush pink necklace is so gorgeous and can be worn with a formal outfit, or dressed down with a simple blouse and jeans! It would seriously be such a cute look both ways. 
I found iridescent shades of blues and greens in the jewels that I brought to life with this bright, neon crossbody bag. Adding neon to any outfit is fashion statement, and I love how this purse totally transformed the whole look! This whole look is just darling, and so perfect for spring. 
Don't you love when you can walk into one store and just make outfits without having to leave? Well that's what I did here today! This whole look is from H&M and it made my shopping experience so much easier with a one-stop kind of look!
As for the shoes, I found these babies Black Friday shopping at Target, and I love them! I really hope you ladies can find these in store! They were under $11 when I purchased them.. now is that a good deal or what? AND they came in two other colors.. that I also gave in and bought. I mean, come on! That is such a rockin' deal! 

If you missed it, check out my favorite hair products I used in 2014, and am still currently using! That is how you can achieve the best smelling, best curls, heat-protected, fly-away free hair! Haha.. But seriously I love all these products and can't imagine my mornings without them! 

I hope you love this look as much as I do!
As a side note, these pictures were taken by Natalie, and she did an amazing job! I cant wait to do more shoots with her! Check her out, she does a variety of shoots as well! (for all you seniors out there, hit her up!)



<<outfit details>>
dress- H&M
purse- H&M (in stores only, similar here)
necklace- H&M (in stores only, similar here)
shoes- Target (similar here)

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