Wednesday, February 4, 2015

coconut oil magic.

Hello darlings! I hope you are having a wonderful day! I sure am! Today I'm going to be talking about my one true love, coconut oil. Honestly, I am obsessed! This is the best $8 you will spend... EVER. Coconut oil is so beneficial for several things and I use it in my daily routines, and you can just purchase this at a local grocery store! You'll be so surprised when you see the results that this natural oil can give you in as little as 10 minutes! 
These are my top 4 ways to use coconut oil, but there are many more you can see here!
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1. Deep Conditioner:
 My favorite way that I use coconut oil is in my hair. My hair tends to get oily very fast so I usually wash my hair everyday, or every other day if its possible, which is extremely bad. I wish I could go like 14 days without washing my hair and have it still look like day 1! But since life isn't always fair, I wasn't blessed with perfect locks. Although my hair is very oily, my ends get SO dry! I do the following routine 2-3 times a week to get the softest, shiniest, luscious locks I literally dream of!
  1. When you first purchase coconut oil, it should be in a solid form. Microwave the jar for about 10 seconds, that's all it really needs to become liquefied. 
  2. Apply a tablespoon of the oil to the ends of your hair, and follow this step by running the excess from your hands through your hair, root to ends.
  3. For best results, I let the oil sit in my hair overnight, that way when I shower in the morning my hair is so incredibly soft and shiny, but if you are short on time, I recommend letting it soak into your hair for at least 10 minutes for results. (when leaving the oil in overnight, sleep with a shower cap on your head, or lay a towel over your pillow to prevent oil transfer to your clean linens!)
2. Face Wash:
Okay, this may honestly sound silly, I did not think this would work at all when I first read about this method. Coconut oil can double as a face wash! All you have to do is moisten your face with warm water, then get a small amount of coconut oil out of the jar and rub between your palms, apply to your face and really rub it in! (remember the coconut oil is a solid, but once you rub it in your hands, it turns into a liquid!) Once you have applied the coconut oil to your face, wet a wash rag and wipe the oil off of your face. Okay can you just take a minute to look at your rag? The amount of makeup that comes off when using coconut oil is remarkably different than a generic face wash! I can't believe all of that makeup has been soaking into my pores! Yuck! This oil seriously gets everything off of your face! To finalize the wash, just pat your face dry, and you're all done! 

3. Exfoliate:
To create an exfoliate from coconut oil, my favorite recipe, and simplest way is by gathering 1/2 cup of coconut oil, and 1/2 cup of sugar and mix together. I just continue to add sugar as I see the concoction is in need of more "scrub!" The best time that an exfoliate comes in handy is before and after shaving! When you exfoliate, you are scrubbing off dead skin that could ultimately leave you with a rashy,bumpy, uncomfortable shave. This natural scrub will make your skin nice and soft before you shave!

4. Teeth Whitening:
Coconut oil is also a very healthy way to naturally whiten your teeth. The teeth whitening kits, gels, strips, washes, anything- you name it, will damage the enamel of your teeth due to the acidity and chemicals in the product. This natural oil will not damage your teeth, and will give you those pearly whites that everyone is dying for. 
Scoop a spoonful of the coconut oil, let the oil melt a little bit until its not in solid form anymore, the swish the oil in your mouth for a few minutes. I love to maximize my time and use the oil for as long as I can, so I will do this before I get in the shower and swish it around for 10-15 minutes until I am done. When you are ready to spit it out, do so, and then complete your session with brushing your teeth like normal! Your teeth will be visibly whiter before you know it!! 

Thanks for reading my post today! 
I hope you try these out because they all seriously work!



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