Sunday, November 23, 2014


happy day!!!
this time of year is my favorite! i don't know about you ladies, but this season is amazing.
i love reflecting on all the things we have in our lives, and feeling so grateful for each and every thing/one. this season is definitely the season of giving, and there is nothing that i need so badly in my life that i couldn't sacrifice for others. 
the lord has provided warnings, and teachings for us to care for the poor and needy, and it is our duty, as blessed as we are, to do that.
nothing in this life is ours. it has all been given to us by our Heavenly Father.
we are all his children. 
some of us have more than others, and it is a commandment for us to care for one another, and if we are capable to sufficiently support those in need, we should generously do so.

we are so blessed to have 
homes to live in,  
families to love us, 
clothes to cover our bodies, 
food to nourish and strengthen us, 
and school to educate us.

we are so blessed.

there are so many people in this world that have nothing. not even necessarily homeless people, disabled people have their fair share of struggles too. it is our job to help them, and support them. 
we have so much to be thankful for, and we are able to reflect on all the things that we are grateful to have in our lives, and it is heart-breaking to know that there are people out there that cannot do the same. 
i want to make this season of giving the best season yet.
charities are always in need of volunteers this time of year, and appreciate everyone's help.
on thanksgiving day, my family plans to volunteer to feed the homeless, and to make their thanksgiving holiday a little more memorable. 

i'd like to share this scripture that really caught my eye recently,
Doctrine and Covenants 70:14 
"Nevertheless, in your temporal things you shall be equal, and this not grudgingly, otherwise the abundance of the manifestations of the Spirit shall be withheld."
all of the things we have in this life are temporal, when we pass, those things will not go with us, so why should we value those things when we could be providing for those in need? 

i challenge everyone to make a difference this season. volunteer your time, services, and/or talents with those in your community.
you never know who's day you could be brightening.



<<outfit details>>
top- forever 21 
(this top is so cute with the ruffle trim! it comes in more colors too!)
denim- forever 21 (on sale now!)
clutch- american eagle (old, similar here)
necklace- forever 21 (this would be cute too or this!)
shoes- forever 21 (old, but i've been eyeing these!)

(realizing the majority of my wardrobe is from the same place. just can't beat those prices!)

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