Monday, November 10, 2014

cardio comfort.

Nike wear always excels. 

this long sleeve tee is so comfortable, along with anything else this company produces.

this tee is so perfect for outdoor runs. 
I prefer running outside because it's real. there is incline and bumps, and terrain changes. it's just real. 

and of course, my usual cardio attire must consist of running capris. they are the best!

working out isn't supposed to be glamorous, but i feel like this chunky french braid makes sweating look a whole lot better. 

i had a lot of fun trying out this braid. i'm not one for getting creative with my hair, its usually difficult for me to master unique braids. for some reason i felt this style was necessary, and i think i nailed it!
(or close to nailing it!) 

exercising is a hobby of mine because i love  to get my endorphin's flowing and my heart racing. 

feeling healthy is just as important as physically being healthy as well.

with a busy schedule, i know its hard to make time to exercise, so every chance i get, i snatch up the opportunity.

here's the casual athletic attire details below!

<<outfit details>>
top- nike
shoes- nike



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