Monday, September 22, 2014

blog inspirations.

since the thought of starting this blog, i have been looking at many other fashion blogs for inspiration.

there are lots of women in this world with the same passion.

a love for fashion, and style is so personal and unique.

each and every one of us is different.

all girls strive to be noticed, and make their stand in the world with the way we dress.

there are so many different fashion styles, that no two people are equal.

style is a way of expressing yourself through clothing and accessories.

i love fashion because i can express the way i feel with the clothes i wear everyday.

you wear certain colors or styles at different times of the year, when you're in a certain mood, or when you just feel like it!

everything is so individual with fashion.

make it your own and make it known.

so i would just like to share some of my top five favorite blogs to look at!

(these are in no specific order!)



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