Monday, August 25, 2014

first day.

well, today was my last first day of high school. the past three years have gone by so fast, i cant believe the time has come to this moment of being a senior already. cherish every moment, and live every second to the fullest.
don't regret anything. just have fun!
that's what life is all about.

nevertheless, it was a great day! not the fact that i had to meet my new teachers i will be seeing daily for the next nine months, but to reunite with all of my friends i had been stranded from over the summer, and to catch up with everyone!

this year feels so different from past years already because i had always become closest friends with the older kids. and this time, im the older kid. 

this year will put me outside my comfort zone, and i will meet new people. i will become friends with the students i have seen walking through these halls for three years now, and finally talk to them. its time i get to know my class better than i ever had. class of 2015, were almost there! 

i'm so excited to get this year started! 

stay tuned for more fun times.

here is my first day of school outfit, and some of my favorite girls!



{outfit details}

top- downeast basics // denim- j brand // necklace- bohme //

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