Wednesday, August 16, 2017


IM ENGAGED! I don't even know what to say other than I am SO happy and I am so in love with Forrest. This day was the best day of my life! I am still trying to put the pieces together in my head how I didn't figure this plan out. I was in total shock and had no idea that this was going to happen. After being best friends for two years and then starting to date I knew for sure I wanted to marry my best friend. HOW LUCKY AM I!?! This was such a magical day and he had our family and friends there as well. Seriously, still trying to figure out how all these people are so good at keeping a secret from me but I'm so glad they did and I'm so excited to marry Forrest Allen. I LOVE YOU!

PROPOSAL VIDEO: (creds to Madi Pritt)

PHOTOS: (creds to Matt James)

Monday, June 26, 2017


hey y'all. sorry ive been totally MIA. i have been so busy with school, traveling home and back what feels like every weekend, and starting up my photography!! wooohoooo! i am so pumped to finally be doing something i am so passionate about and have been for so many years. so if you need some pictures done.. you know who to call ;)
anyways my portfolio is in the works and i will also be making another website exclusively for my photography and videography! im excited to do my blogging and photography at the same time. the other day i had the pleasure to go out and take some photos with a friend and she was able to capture photos of me, as well as i captured some of her! it was so fun to take turns in front of the camera. and on another note, i cant even remembered the last time i got dolled up to take pictures for my blog! thats the saddest thing ever. i love denim and dots and everyone who still follows along with my mediocre posts lately! my goal right now is to be much better at that!

here is my latestttttttt blog post for denim and dots!

<<outfit details>>

top- hm
bottoms- hm
earings- hm
 MUA- becca gordon

photos by- carly thunell

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sophia's Senior Pictures

OKAY GUYS. big news if you haven't seen on my Instagram.. I am launching my photography business! I am so excited I am finally doing this for real. I have always dreamed of doing photography but never thought I could do it, but guess what.. IM DOING IT! so reach out to me for prices and info and lets go shoot! im so excited to do something I love and try to make it more than a hobby.

here are some cute pictures from the cutest senior session I did this week. graduations are so bittersweet. I remember mine like it was yesterday. :/ Follow along on to stay updated with blog posts and my photography and videography posts!! YAY! so excited for this journey!!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

the best dating advice.

Ill let these guys do the talking.
They will do a much better job than I will.
They are the best at giving advice.

The list could go on and on -- I live for these inspiring talks!
Heres just a few of my favorites I have come across in the past bit as I have been reading and learning. I am constantly reminded how grateful I am for this gospel and the knowledge I have of these things. Our counselors are inspired people and guide us to make the right decisions. 



Monday, March 6, 2017


I can't put into words how much I enjoyed going to Northern California, specifically San Francisco. Especially going with such a fun group of friends made this trip extra special!
We were able to hit tons of spots in such a short amount of time and wander around the city- ultimate weekend vacay!! A much needed break from school am I right?!
Heres the latest pictures from our trip! Thanks to Matt James for always being the best photographer. Who knew in 9th grade when we became friends, we would end up at the same college years later going on trips together and taking pictures almost every week. He is the serioiusly.
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